About Us



       3'N Motion was born through the dreams and passions of three sisters.

    Liza, Aurie and Marie

     3'N Motion is the realization of a life long dream. It is owned and operated by three sisters who grew up dancing and performing.

    We hope to spread our passion for dance with a fun, loving and professional atmosphere. Our primary objective is to build

     self-esteem, while creating talented dancers. This program gives students the opportunity to express themselves and grow in a positive, challenging,  and fun environment while participating in 3'N Motion,

    Our goal is to encourage the development of important life skills - Team Work, dedication, responsibility, commitment, leadership and Strong self image.

    " After dancing and teaching for many years I finally have the great opportunity to step into the shoes of those who inspired me, to pass on                                                                                                   the  legacy."- Liza Kirwan


     Trends will come and go but our motto will never change.

    " Where great technique will never be compromised" - Marie Rojo

    " At 3 'n Motion no child will be left behind, from our lil' ballerinas to our competition team, each dancer will be treated equally" - Aurie Barton

    " Some tell a story, we leave a legacy" - Liza Kirwan